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Event #26
Title:Triple Threat Clan is Founded (2004)

altFounded on November 21, 2004, the Triple Threat Clan is one of the first official clans for Atari's Axis & Allies RTS game. It's members are comprised of some of the most proficient players that may be found online.

The clan was formed in order to compete with other clans that were already established at the time. These other clans were typically comprised of less skilled players, but they had full teams of consistent players and they were utilizing VOIP software in order to communicate during a game, thus they easily held an advantage over individual players that routinely entered their rooms to play against them. After taking several losses at the hand of these clans, and the beratement that always followed, it became apparent that the only way to win consistently was to find other skilled players and form a clan of our own.

The initial members of the Triple Threat Clan comprised of Babylac, BlackJ3sus, Roxy, and Valdarez who came together for their first game on November 21, 2004. Needless to say it was a bloodbath. Separate we were vulnerable, together we were formidable. Over the coming weeks we continued to play and win a majority of our games, quickly racking up wins and gaining respect within the community. A TeamSpeak server soon followed as did an official website.

The clan quickly grew from the four initial players to around 20 plus players and over the years many players have left for other pursuits and others have joined, but while some of the faces have changed one thing has remained constant. Triple Threat recruits the best players who strive to win regardless of whatever in game adversity besets them.

If you seek to join a clan that consistently finds itself at the top of the ladders and seeks out the best competition it can find, then Triple Threat may be the clan for you.

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