Military Tactics and Strategy
Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009 @ 13:42:00 EDT
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Military Tactics
Military tactics entail the management and maneuvering of forces to capture objectives and/or defeat the enemy. Tactics must be adapted to the current conditions, and are chosen with regard to the size and type of forces available; taking into account the size and strength of enemy forces. Other important factors in determining tactics are logistics, terrain, reconnaissance, and the likely tactics of the enemy.
One of the beautiful things about the Axis and Allies real-time strategy pc game is that all these classic military tactics can be used in the field! Included are some examples of how to best use each tactic to p00n noobs young and old!
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• Advancing • Retreating • Flanking Maneuver • Pincer Movement (pinch) • Feint
• Rotating your Forces (cycling) • Blitzkrieg • Breakthru • Leapfrogging
• Divide & Conquer • Center Peel • Infiltration • Encirclement • Breakout
• Bait & Bleed (camping) • Fabian Strategy

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