German Strategy and Generals
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 @ 15:16:33 EDT

1. AT Mech: Arguably the strongest Anti Tank Mech regiment in the game. The Jagdpanther and it's 88mm Gun inflict a punishing 100 attack value when fully upgraded, making it the best Tank Destroyer in the game hands down. Good available upgrades, only missing Mechanical Reliability, but Germany also has a couple of unique upgrades, Advanced Armor Training and Schurzen which help make up for this. Decent halftracks that possess the important Improved Machine Guns upgrade. The challenge with Germany is surviving the infantry stage of the game, and deploying enough of them with their weak economy. Played correctly, Germany can be a dominate force during the Mech Stage of the game.
2. Armor: Whether Heavy Tank, King Tiger Tank, or the underrated German Arty Tank, Germany has some of the finest armor in the game. The challenge with Germany is to get to the armor stage of the game, due to their weak economy.
"Which would your men rather be, tired, or dead?"
General Rommel - Said to an Officer while building Hitler's Atlantic Wall
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