Using Supply Depots for Ammo and Oil
Date: Sunday, December 30, 2007 @ 03:16:15 EST

In Axis and Allies RTS, it is essential to maintain positive accrual levels of ammo and oil at all times! Dipping into the "red" for even a short time will come with severe monetary penalties. So you will need to acquire some ammo and oil, what's the best way you ask?
One of the most common mistakes newer players make is to deploy oil and ammo depots instead of supply depots. Why not make oil and ammo depots? The answer is two-fold. Most importantly, oil and ammo depots both count against your building limit of 20, whereas supply depots do not. Use your 20 buildings wisely, the more hq's, the better your economy. Secondly, you get more resources for your investment using supply depots. Here's an example:
We'll use Germany since they get the best ammo and oil accrual rates from their oil/ammo depots (lame compensation for the weak economy). Let's say we need 90 ammo and 90 oil.

3 DEPOT @ 75 = 225
3 DEPOT @ 100 = 300
TOTAL of 525 and -6
TOTAL of 450 and -0

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