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Be Respectful - No Anger or Hostility, Thats What The Gamespy Lobby is For
21-08-2007 9:13:pm
A&A is already supported by gameranger. Were inviting more players to join in there to make the game group a lot bigger. If your interested pls pm me here to get more details for game matches thanks and have a nice day fellow generals
13-04-2014 11:23:am
By good luck I found this site just before getting the game.
24-08-2011 8:10:pm
Glad I found this
29-07-2011 9:17:pm
Dude i love the game and now a member of the website i know a lot of u guys and my other profiles on it at [Iowa]DrugMonkey, ww2freak ,and bugs bunny
07-06-2011 3:35:pm
Amazing information and insight of the game, thanks so much for making a wonderful source for such an awesome game like Axis & Allies..
28-05-2011 12:02:pm
Awesome site! It's chock full of great A&A info! I'm so glad I found an A&A community to become a part of.
12-03-2011 5:49:pm
Yep Lets Get This Site and Game to new people.
27-02-2011 1:20:pm
We need to start advertising the game on google or somethin
23-02-2011 8:32:pm
This site is great i never knew about it at first
22-01-2011 11:13:pm
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· Mitsubishi A6M Zero
· B-17 Flying Fortress
· MG42 - Maschinengewehr 42
· The Browning M1919
· Te-Ke Tankette

ARMOR: German Armor | Spotting a King Tiger 
German Armor | Spotting a King Tiger

At first glance the icons for the German Heavy Tank and German King Tiger Tank look pretty similar and are a little hard to distinguish. When scouting the enemy, it is important to be able to determine their strength, which can be done easily by looking at the units themselves. The differences you will see are historically accurate, and easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Pictured to the far left is the German Heavy Tank (Tiger I) and beside it is the German King Tiger (Tiger II)
Notice the King Tiger has several differences:
  • Sloped Frontal Armor
  • Better "skirt" armor on the sides to protect treads
  • Larger 88mm Gun
  • The Porche Turret
  • Different Hatch Location
  • "Iron Cross" logo on front
The German Heavy Tank is incorrectly labeled in Axis and Allies RTS as Panzer VI Ausf. B which is actually a Tiger II, or King Tiger Tank. The more accurate labeling would be Panzer VI Ausf. E (original designation was PzKpfw VI Ausf. H and was redesignated as Panzer VI Ausf. E in 1943) or Tiger I.
Posted by Manstein on Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 14:40:03 EDT (5478 reads)
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ARMOR: British Flame Tanks 

Although the British Flame Tank is listed as: M4 Sherman Flametank... The icon from the game tells another story, which clearly resembles a Churchill Crocodile. The true Churchill Crocodile, unlike the Sherman Flametank, still had a main gun and the flamethrower replaced the MG. But it also towed a fuel tank which is something i wouldn't want behind me in combat. So either it was an oversight be game developers, or they changed it to keep these units from have both AP and FLAME attacks.

Posted by Manstein on Saturday, December 29, 2007 @ 19:49:00 EST (2790 reads)
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ARMOR: Japanese Medium Tank Type 2 Ke-To 

Surprisingly the JAPAN Medium Tank Type 2 Ke-To is significant to Axis and Allies online play, even though the medium tank unit is rarely ever produced by any other country. A&A credits this unit with a 75mm gun
First of all, the real life Type 2 Ke-To only featured a 37mm gun, and only 29 were ever produced, so it seems somewhat a strange selection by the game designers. The tank was largely still classified as a light tank, and perhaps goes to show how far behind JAPAN was in tank development.
The Type 3 Chi-Nu would have been a more logical choice, even though it didn't see combat (held back for the invasion of the Japanese mainland) Post war inspections of the Type 3 Chi-Nu were positive, with vast improvements in armor and firepower that had been missing from all other Japanese armor.

So you're still wondering why the JAPAN Medium Tank Unit is important? When compared to the other medium tank units it is still noticeably inferior:


As you can see it has the lowest health, defense, and blast damage of any of the medium tanks.

"No one makes medium tank regiments online except the AI!"

Yes, we know, and the answer to it's importance comes in an unusual place. the JAPAN Artillery Tank Regiment.

All other Arty Tank regiments feature light tanks, whereas JAPAN has their mythical medium tank instead. We assume this was done for game balancing reasons, since JAPAN has no heavy tanks.

Posted by Manstein on Saturday, December 29, 2007 @ 19:41:10 EST (3915 reads)
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ARMOR: Te-Ke Tankette 

Te-Ke Tankette - A WWI hold over, the "tankette" was dated by the beginning of WW2. It often was used as an armored machine gun in support of infantry, and performed well against the disorganized forces of China; who's armored vehicles often consisted of trucks with metal plates welded on them. In some cases it also featured a 37mm cannon, which was grossly underpowered for any sort of tank combat. Very poorly armored it was reported that heavy infantry weapons such as the USA .50 caliber could penetrate it at ranges of up to 600 yards. [LINK]

Posted by Manstein on Saturday, December 29, 2007 @ 03:30:00 EST (2829 reads)
(comments? | Score: 4) Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF

Axis and Allies RTS - Rocket Trucks - We have to admit, we kind of like them, but thats about the only reason to build them in online play, except for maybe "They look cool!". You always have to consider if there are other regiments that might be more effective for the cost. In this case, that would be Russian arty tanks or Russian Armored Rocket Trucks. Both of these armor regiments have them same support vehicles, so it basically comes down to the Rocket Truck vs ISU-152. Although they both claim to have the same recharge time, the rocket truck has always seemed slower to reload than the arty tank. The most glaring differences are below.

health = 225 health = 330
defense = 2 defense = 5
range = 25 range = 44

See www.axis-and-allies.com/russian-rocket-truck-halftrack-regiment-ww2-rts.html
See www.axis-and-allies.com/russian-rocket-truck-armor-regiment-ww2-rts.html
See www.axis-and-allies.com/artillery-arty-tank-armor-regiment-ww2-rts.html

Posted by Manstein on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 @ 04:35:33 EDT (4363 reads)
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