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Be Respectful - No Anger or Hostility, Thats What The Gamespy Lobby is For
21-08-2007 9:13:pm
A&A is already supported by gameranger. Were inviting more players to join in there to make the game group a lot bigger. If your interested pls pm me here to get more details for game matches thanks and have a nice day fellow generals
13-04-2014 11:23:am
By good luck I found this site just before getting the game.
24-08-2011 8:10:pm
Glad I found this
29-07-2011 9:17:pm
Dude i love the game and now a member of the website i know a lot of u guys and my other profiles on it at [Iowa]DrugMonkey, ww2freak ,and bugs bunny
07-06-2011 3:35:pm
Amazing information and insight of the game, thanks so much for making a wonderful source for such an awesome game like Axis & Allies..
28-05-2011 12:02:pm
Awesome site! It's chock full of great A&A info! I'm so glad I found an A&A community to become a part of.
12-03-2011 5:49:pm
Yep Lets Get This Site and Game to new people.
27-02-2011 1:20:pm
We need to start advertising the game on google or somethin
23-02-2011 8:32:pm
This site is great i never knew about it at first
22-01-2011 11:13:pm
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[ USA ]

· United States Strategy and Generals

MICRO: Military Tactics and Strategy 
Military Tactics
Military tactics entail the management and maneuvering of forces to capture objectives and/or defeat the enemy. Tactics must be adapted to the current conditions, and are chosen with regard to the size and type of forces available; taking into account the size and strength of enemy forces. Other important factors in determining tactics are logistics, terrain, reconnaissance, and the likely tactics of the enemy.
One of the beautiful things about the Axis and Allies real-time strategy pc game is that all these classic military tactics can be used in the field! Included are some examples of how to best use each tactic to p00n noobs young and old!
Learn More: Military Tactics [link]
• Advancing • Retreating • Flanking Maneuver • Pincer Movement (pinch) • Feint
• Rotating your Forces (cycling) • Blitzkrieg • Breakthru • Leapfrogging
• Divide & Conquer • Center Peel • Infiltration • Encirclement • Breakout
• Bait & Bleed (camping) • Fabian Strategy
Posted by Manstein on Thursday, October 29, 2009 @ 12:42:00 EDT (7678 reads)
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MICRO: Noob Tip: How to Hotkey a Group of Regiments 

Commanding a dozen regiments during the heat of battle can be a daunting task. To make it easier, you can select and group up to six regiments at the same time and give them orders simultaneously. To select and group multiple regiments, click on an open area, hold down the left mouse button and drag a box around all of the regiments you wish to include. You can also manually add or remove regiments by holding down [Shift] or [Ctrl] and clicking on a regiment.

Once you have selected a group, you can save it by holding down [Ctrl] and pressing any of the keyboard number keys. This assigns all of the regiments in that group to that number key, allowing you to reselect that group by pressing that number key. When you assign a group to a number key in this way, that group appears in the unit bar at the top of the screen. Note: You can add groups to the unit bar directly by right-clicking in an empty square, and can select them by clicking on their portraits in the bar. If you like, you can also assign individual regiments and buildings to hotkeys and the unit bar in the same way. (Source: Axis and Allies RTS Official Manual)

Posted by Manstein on Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 08:24:09 EDT (5926 reads)
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MICRO: Recommended Basic Gameplay Settings 

Axis and Allies RTS - Recommended Basic Gameplay Settings

As can be seen in the attached image, there are a few important recommended setting we want to cover. The settings at the top should pretty much be left alone, except I prefer the camera zoom all the way out... I believe the rest are default settings there.

On the bottom left you have UI, or "User Interface"
Camera Rotation - Not real important but allows you to rotate the camera view.
Tooltips - will give you popup info on in game tasks and events
Confirmation Dialogs - keeps you from accidentally selling or deleting the wrong buildings/regiments.

In the bottom center you have "Notifications"
I would personally recommend checking ALL of these. You will receive an audio signal everytime and engagement or production occurs. Simply hit the spacebar to jump to the latest event.

On the bottom right you have "Auxiliaries"
Damage Numbers - Displays color coded numbers when a unit is either healing or being damaged. Numbers in green represent healing, and damage numbers are color coded by type as well.
Supply Border - Not sure why anyone would turn this off...? When "ON" the boundaries of your supply border are represented with a green line on the map/minimap.
Elapsed Game Time - This is an important setting for any player to turn on. With experience, you will learn the time to expect certain events, such as airborne and air attacks, and can plan accordingly.

Posted by Manstein on Monday, July 21, 2008 @ 02:45:22 EDT (32538 reads)
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MICRO: Keyboard Shortcuts 

While most in-game tasks can be performed with the mouse alone, many of these tasks can be accomplished faster, and more efficiently, with the use of keyboard shortcuts. Check out our Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts, complete with dynamic mouseover info for all the important game actions...
(registered users only, javascript enabled browser required)

Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Manstein on Thursday, May 01, 2008 @ 03:39:13 EDT (4948 reads)
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MICRO: The Regiment Info Icon 
Regiment Info Icon
Much like in real combat situations, troops can become fatigued if asked to do too much. It is important to keep an eye on your regiments to keep morale as high as possible, and to monitor how well they will perform on the battlefield. No better way than to use the regiment info icon.
Lets look at the example on the left, which is an enlargement of the regiment info icon that will appear in the information panel
Combat Efficiency and Formation
The red bar over the banner of a regiment is their combat efficiency, and is directly related to how effective they will be in combat. When the bars are full the regiment will inflict 100% of it's possible damage. When the bar is not full, potential damage of any attacks will be reduced. Be aware that regiment formation is directly related to combat efficiency (see below). Make sure to always use the Assault Formation for combat!
Attack Efficiency100% Speed75%
Attack Efficiency75% Speed100%
Attack Efficiency50% Speed125%

Health and Retreating
The green bar indicates the amount of health that a unit has remaining. Don't panic if you lose a unit or two, but make sure to retreat the regiment before they all die. If the regiment is in supply it will heal and be ready to fight again. The "retreat regiment" button is a handy way to retreat regiments one at a time, rather than a whole division because one regiment is in danger.
Morale and the "Breaking Point"
The blue bar under a regiments' banner is the morale bar. Make sure to keep an eye on the tab as this is the regiment's breaking point. The regiment will rout when the morale drops below its breaking point. Routed regiments cannot be controlled and are often killed, so try to retreat them before this occurs.
Posted by Manstein on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 @ 01:07:19 EST (3412 reads)
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